Colloque APEMAC
Chronic diseases, perceived health and adaptation: stakes and future
03 - 06 June 2014
Faculté de Médecine, Nancy - France


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3-4 June 2014 : Young Researchers Days         
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Chronic diseases have become dominant in western societies as well as in many developing countries. Their causes and physiopathological mechanisms are unknown or complex, and their impact on mortality are delayed, while they are mostly affecting quality of life, dependence or regular need for medical care. Individuals suffering such diseases have to use multiple processes to adapt to their condition.
It is therefore necessary to identify and understand determinants of perceived health and adaptation processes to the condition of chronic diseases, in turn useful to optimise care for patients as well as to develop actions toward health promotion, preservation and restoration of health in the population.

A number of important research developments have paced the past thirty years in the area of health-related quality of life, focusing on perception by patients of the impact of their diseases and on health intervention as well as in the area of psychological adaptation processes to the disease. A part of the contributions of these researches is the renewal of handicap conceptualisations, and the switch to an interactive bio-psycho-social model supporting the ICF proposed by WHO in 2001.

This international congress, organised by the APEMAC research unit, will focus on the current state of these two research areas which are increasingly important to link on one hand, and on the other hand on identifying associated stakes and future developments.
Four working avenues are proposed to drive the reflexion:

  • Concepts and models
  • Measures
  • Interpretation of data
  • Knowledge and decision making